MindSlim : one more step to reach my dream

Hello everyone!

Love Food and Stay Slim   ;)

Love Food and Stay Slim 😉

How’s your Tuesday morning? I am just soooo happy for all the blessing God has given to me. And it’s only 3 days more prior to my departure to South Korea aaaaaaaa I’m gonna leave this place soon!

Well before departing to Korea, let me share you something great I was just experiencing. yes, MindSlim Program!

I finally joined the group therapy and the outcome is more than just getting slimmer but I consider this as another step to reach my dream.

Could you just imagine how amazing it would be if we are getting much slimmer? Some people may look much more beautiful, some jobs opportunities are coming closer, those also can have a better relationship with their partners, and so on! And to me, yes of course, getting slimmer is one thing to reach my dream! 😉

Yes, I was enjoying that class sooooooo much! I went to Somerset Hotel last Sunday and with 7 other people I was given the 5 magic rules to get slim. Well, some people out there will consider this as a magic but I myself consider these 5 magic rules as the protocols for me to get slimmer and much healthier.

MindSlim is something to program your mind not only to get slim but also to reconnect your

mind and body. It also teaches us how to stay slim and love food! How fun it is! You don’t need some hard exercises, those drink nutrition, tight diet, not to eat these and not to eat that 😉

all you need is just getting slimmer with lots of fun and you may have a good relationship with the food and your body itself. Lucky me to know and to join MindSlim program. Just wait and see on the next 3 months, something good will just happen. Kindly wait for that 😉

And I wonder how curious you are now, what MindSlim is, how to do that and so on. But the good news is, you may check all the things by visiting www.MindSlimProgram.com or simply follow Mas Juli Triharto here.

and for you who are residing in Surabayaaaa, I have another good news for you! Mas Juli is gonna hold a class that is :

Saturday – Sunday, 9-10 March 2013

at Mercure Hotel Surabaya

9.30 – 17.30

and you may call [021] 3333-3168 / 3333-3169

or info@mindslimprogram.com

for further information

Have a good daaaay!



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